Serving Orphans in Jinja, Uganda and Surrounding Areas

Update on Musa

Musa has changed quite a lot since being a baby when he first came to Sonrise. He is growing very tall and loves to be loud. He is so happy all the time expect when he does not see food. He loves smiling and laughing and has developed such a funny way of laughing that leaves every one wondering where exactly he got it from (like HEY HEY HEY).

He is obedient and whenever he is called he comes quickly. He is very energetic and strong, and pulls apart many things. He especially  likes messing with clothes and diapers and has fun pulling and throwing them in every way. He can’t stand wiping his nose, you have to chase him down and hold him still. He likes to hang out with the baby girls.

Musa is getting very fast, When he walks he has a big smile on his face. He has a lot of fun just walking around the house outside. He laughs so hard and sometimes ends up leaning on some one’s hands or toes and bites them. We are teaching him not to bite so he is learning to behave. He is too loud for the house but so fun to be around that it makes it OK. He loves bathing in cold water, playing in potties, and messing up in bathrooms.

He is starting to  learn baby talk and is learning to express when he wants more food, sweets or chocolate. He loves candy and chocolate and keeps saying more in a very loud tune. He pulls his blanket and covers over himself at night. He messes up his covers at bedtime and plays a lot in them, but always remembers to cover himself. He loves eating rice, watermelon, bread and milk. He likes drinking a lot and takes around 4 bottles each night.



 We have a small play ground for the babies and Musa loves the tire swing. He loves making noise at class time but does not like practicing the alphabet. He loves coloring because he gets to eat paper. Musa is growing stronger every day and loves going to the kitchen every morning because he knows there is food. He loves screaming and pinching his face if food does not come quickly enough. He loves shoes and when he wears them he thinks about going to a place where he can move around in them.

We are so blessed to have Musa at Sonrise and watch him grow from a baby (from 1 week old ).  Thank you for all the prayers and support to make this possible!


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    June 22, 2011 at 6:00 am

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