Serving Orphans in Jinja, Uganda and Surrounding Areas

Need Your Help!

I receive a lot of requests and questions on how to help Sonrise Ministries. Today I have a new opportunity for you that you can help with.

A lady who is HIV positive came by with her very sick twin daughters and shared her story with me. Her husband left her as soon as he found out he had infected her with HIV/AIDS and that she was pregnant. She is a young girl, not even twenty. She was sobbing the whole time she told me her story as her babies lay sick on her lap. They have malaria and very bad diarrhea. She said she came to Sonrise because she knew I could find ways to help her. She has heard that the lives of many babies have been saved at Sonrise and that she wanted her babies to also live. By this time, I too had tears in my eyes. I called Richard and asked him to tell me how many tins of milk we have left. He said we only had 3 tins left and we are only in the middle of the month, formula has become very expensive here. I told him to bring one so that we could give it to this lady. We also gave her 6 bottles as well because she had been feeding the babies from a broken plate. She was not supposed to breastfeed because of her HIV, but she ended up breastfeeding the babies for 3 months. The babies are now 4months old. I gave her all the extra money I had in my purse, which was about 10 dollars. She needed to pay rent, to feed her babies, and to also buy food for herself. After hearing her story and looking into their eyes, there was no way I could ask her to leave without sharing with her. Even if it was just a little bit from what we have here at Sonrise. Please pray for this young lady and her babies. If you feel led to help this young lady for a few months, until she can get on her feet or if you would like to sponsor her babies so they can get healthy, please let me know.

You can make a donation for this by going to and clicking on the donate button. Please make explain in the comment box that it is for this lady. Thank you!


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  1. Damail,
    We will be coming to Jinja on March 6th and would love to visit with you and help any way we can. Please email me and let me know of anything that we can bring you that would be helpful.

    February 22, 2012 at 12:45 pm

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